Coduri Jocuri
Coduri pentru Jocul: F.E.A.R.

Actiune & Aventura


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In timpul jocului apasati tasta T si scrieti codurile:

When playing the game press the [T] key (talk) and then type any of the cheats
below (case sensitive) and press [Enter].

guns All weapons
armor Full armor
health Get full health
ammo Get loads of ammo
god God mode
notarget Invisibility
pos Position mode
tears All weapons and infinite ammo
build Display build version
poltergeist Ghost mode
gear Increased health and boosted reflexes
maphole Skip to next level
kfa Weapons, full ammo, armor and health

Weapon cheats:

gimmegun assault rifle get assault rifle
gimmegun cannon cannon
gimmegun dual pistols dual pistols
gimmegun frag grenade frag grenade
gimmegun missile launcher missile launcher
gimmegun nail gun nailgun
gimmegun remote charge pipe bomb
gimmegun pistol pistol
gimmegun plasma weapon plasma railgun
gimmegun semi-auto rifle semi-auto rifle
gimmegun shotgun shotgun
gimmegun submachinegun SMG
gimmegun proximity trip mine



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