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Deschideti fisierul Hitman2.ini din folderul jocului, dupa care pe un rand nou scrieti " EnableCheats 1". Apoi puteti activa codurile de mai jos tastand in timpul jocului codul.

Add in "Hitman2.ini" the following entry:

EnableCheats 1

Now use the following ingame cheats:

IOISLO - Slomotion mode On/Off
IOIER - Bomb mode On/Off
IOIHITLEIF - Full Health
IOIHITALI - Ali mode On/Off
IOILEPOW - Lethalcharge mode On/Off
IOIGRV - Gravitation Off/On
IOINGUN - Nailgun mode On/Off
IOIPOWER - Megaforce

IOIGIVES - All Weapons and Stuff
IOIRULEZ - Godmode On/Off

By ByteBuszta ByteBusztaicecheatde,

After the update to v1.01 the cheats are:

God <0/1> - When set, Hero is immortal
InfAmmo - Gives you Infinite Ammo
GiveAll - Gives you available items
invisible <0/1> - When set, enemies can not see you
Show_visible <0/1> - When set vision is displayed as lines. Green can see - red can not.
Show_visible_Light <0/1> - When set light intensity is displayed on screen
XpresQuit - Fast Shutdown
ShowHeroRoom - When enable, the name of the hero's parent room
is displayed on screen.
dumpeventmem - Dumps memory usage for each type of event used
in the scene.
dumpframeupdate - Dumps frame update list
dumptrees - Dumps information about all the octrees and
dumpusedresources - Dumps used resources list
enableCUI - Unhides CUI
disableCUI - Hides CUI
DirClip - Prints the entire CLIP tree
Dir - Prints the entire scene tree
ZDefines - Prints a list of all entries in the scene COM
Globals - Prints a list of all entries in the global COM
Reload - Reloads the current scene
ReloadScripts - Reloads and recompiles all scripts
Killscript - Stops a script
Cams - Prints a list of registered cameras





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