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Apasati in timpul jocului:

[Backspace]+[7] God mode
Usable after: Complete England in less than 27:00
[Backspace]+[3] Infinate Assault Rifle Ammo
Usable after: Complete Japan in less than 12:15
[Backspace]+[4] Infinate Grenade Launcher Ammo
Usable after: Complete Kazakhstan in less than 27:10
[Backspace]+[5] Infinate Shotgun Ammo
Usable after: Complete Ghana in less than 20:00
[Backspace]+[6] Infinate SMG Ammo
Usable after: Complete Peru in less than 21:30
[Backspace]+[8] One Shot Kill
Usable after: Complete Bolivia Redux in less than 4:15
[Backspace]+[2] Show Enemy Health
Usable after: Complete Bolivia in less than 12:30
[Backspace]+[1] Textureless Mode
Usable after: ???
[Backspace]+[9] Wield Excalibur
Usable after: Complete Nepal in less than 13:40
[Backspace]+[0] Wield Soul Reaver
Usable after: Complete Game and all time trials

If you want to use the cheats right from the start please download our "unlock
everything" savegame.


Here is a collection of the unlockables in the game and what you have to do for it.

Character Profiles

Alister Fletcher 90% Bronze Reward items
Amanda Evert 70% Bronze Reward items
Anaya Imanu 30% Bronze Reward items
James W. Rutland 50% Bronze Reward items
Lara Croft 10% Bronze Reward items
Shogo Takamoto 40% Bronze Reward items
Toru Nishiruma 40% Bronze Reward items
Unknown Entity 100% Bronze Reward items
Winston Smith 80% Bronze Reward items
Zip 20% Bronze Reward items

Lara's wardrobe Outfits

Amanda Ritual Outfit Complete Ghana Time Trial
Amanda Winter Outfit Complete Kazhkastan Time Trial
Biker Finish England Level
Biker without Jacket 100% Silver and Gold in England
Black Bikini (Croft Manor) 100% Bronze, Silver and Gold in all Levels, beat Time Trials and Complete the game
Black Legend 100% Silver in Croft Manor
Blue Legend 100% Silver in Peru
Catsuit 100% Gold in Japan
Classic outfit 100% Gold in Peru
Cream Suit 100% Silver and Gold in Croft Manor
Goth Complete England Time Trial
Gray Classic 100% Gold in Ghana
Green Sport Outfit Complete Bolivia Time Trial
Lace Shirt Goth Complete Japan Time Trial
Legend Unlockable from the start of the game
Pink Legend 100% Silver in Ghana
Pink Winter Complete Nepal Time Trial
Pink Winter, No coat Complete Peru Time Trial
Red Jacket Biker 100% Silver in England
Ripped Evening dress Finish Japan Level
Ripped Red Evening Dress 100% Silver in Japan
Snowsuit 100% Gold in Nepal
Special Forces 100% Gold in Kazakhstan
Special Forces (Urban) 100% Gold in England
Sport Outfit 100% Gold in Bolivia
Suit 100% Gold in Croft Manor
Union Jack Legend 100% Silver in Bolivia
White Bikini (Croft Manor) Complete all Time Trials and beat the game
Winer, Orange No coat 100% Silver in Kazhkstan
Winter outift Finish Kazakhstan Level
Winter, No coat Finish Kazkhstan Level
Winter, Orange 100% Silver in Nepal

Location Concepts

Bolivia 100% Bronze in Bolivia
England 100% Bronze in England
Ghana 100% Bronze in Ghana
Japan 100% Bronze in Japan
Kazakhstan 100% Bronze in Kazakhstan
Nepal 100% Bronze in Nepal
Peru 100% Bronze in Peru
Special 100% Bronze in Croft Manor

Pistol Upgrades

Extra damage 75% Bronze and Silver
Increased Accuracy 50% Bronze and Silver
Increased magazine size (40 bullets) 25% Bronze and Silver




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