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In the main menu hold [Shift] and hit the keys [F3][F4][F3][F3][F4] one after
the other. This activates the cheat option, press [F1] to access cheats menu.

To remove the cheat status sign:

Open the file

/Serious Sam 2/Content/SeriousSam2/Sam2.ini

with an editor like notepad and look for

sam_iEnableCheats = 1

Change this to

sam_iEnableCheats = 0

Once you have saved the game with activated cheat mode you also need to remove
the cheat status from the savegame. Go to

.../Serious Sam 2/Content/SeriousSam2/PlayerProfiles/[Something]/SavedGames

and open the desired savegame with a normal editor. Look for


Chgange this to


Save and start the game. The cheat status will now be deactivated with the
beginning of the next chapter.

Additionally to what the game allows with the cheat menu you can activate a
debug mode with more nice cheats. Open the file

.../Serious Sam 2/Content/SeriousSam2/Sam2.ini

and look for

sam_iEnableCheats = 1/0

Change this to

sam_iEnableCheats = 2

Now start the game or load a save game and you will see a different cheat
status. Now you can press the keys:

[Y] - Ghost, go through walls
[G] - God mode
[U] - Auto aiming
[J] - Turbo, fast running
[I] - Invisibility
[L] - Fly mode
[K] - Kill all enemies on screen
[INS] - Extra life
[PgUp] and [PgDn] - Chapter change
[[] and []] - Real time factor


Cheats for the demo version:

During the game press the [~] key, this will open the console. Here type in (or
copy and paste):


Press [~] again, then press [ESC] and in the menu [F1]. Now you can selct the







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