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Patch-uri din Luna Decembrie
Rainbow Six Vegas v1.01 Patch
Adaugat: 13.Decembrie.2006

Various rare single player ingame crashes have been fixed - Better support the use of alt-tab while in game - Reduced the memory consumption of the game - Multiplayer difficulty level is now accurate and can be selected accordingly - Player will now get a kill attributed to his kill list when defender or terrorist dies of damage over time ( incendiary grenade )

Marimea: 280 MB
Warhammer: Mark of Chaos v1.6 EU Patch
Adaugat: 13.Decembrie.2006

Fixed several crash, out of sync and other bugs during replays. - Fixed a bug where the Credits did not load after completing a Campaign. - Fixed issues in the Tutorial where triggers were broken. - Fixed a crash in the Multiplayer lobby. - Fixed a freeze that occured after clicking on the Cancel button in the Create Army menu after playing a Ladder game.

Marimea: 280 MB
Company of Heroes v1.40 English Patch Full Install
Adaugat: 13.Decembrie.2006

Both Ranked and Custom games now support random starting locations. * The in-game server status URL now points to * Fixed a bug pertaining to unranked matches counting as Ranked matches. * New performance and lag indicators have been added to the Online UI. * A new loading screen has been added which incorporates player names, ranks and loading bars.

Marimea: 105 MB
Heroes of Annihilated Empires v1.1 English
Adaugat: 13.Decembrie.2006

Introduced changes into the game balance. Corrected many critical errors of the single player game. Added two unique maps for online play; Many small corrections and changes.

Marimea: 59 MB
Splinter Cell Double Agent v1.02
Adaugat: 13.Decembrie.2006

Online lobby issue fixed

Marimea: 27.4 MB
World of Warcraft v2.0.1 US Patch
Adaugat: 13.Decembrie.2006

All players will have their talent points reimbursed and will have access to new talents throughout their trees; this includes the 41-point talents. Several new abilities have also been added for all classes. - All pets will now receive a percentage of their master's armor, spell damage, spell resistances, attack power, and stamina

Marimea: 460 MB
Patch-uri din Luna Octombrie
Pro Cycling Manager 2006 v1.0.0.8 Patch
Adaugat: 10.Octombrie.2006

Possibility to personalise starting list of riders in stage, classic and tour modes (using xml file) - The patch is delivered with a file enabling the 2006 Tour de France to run with the 176 riders who were present at Strasbourg. - Update to equipment

Marimea: 40.9 MB
LOTR: Battle for Middle-Earth II v1.06 English
Adaugat: 8.Octombrie.2006

Online lobby issue fixed

Marimea: 25.2 MB
Far Cry v1.4 Patch Full Install
Adaugat: 8.Octombrie.2006

Added remakes of assault maps (Project FiXit) * Closed several security holes * Joypad support has been added

Marimea: 181 MB
Patch-uri din Luna Septembrie
Caesar IV v1.1 Patch
Adaugat: 29.Septembriet.2006

Patch-ul rezolva unele proble legate de jocul online.

Marimea: 15.1 MB
Titan Quest v1.20 Patch Full Install
Adaugat: 25.Septembriet.2006

Fixed Ensnare to work while wielding a staff - Several skill descriptions updated for clarity - Fixed particle effect artifacts remaining on the ground when fighting Barmanu - Fixed Ormenos so that he is no longer invincible if a player does not enter the combat area and engage him immediately

Marimea: 15.1 MB
LOTR: Battle for Middle-Earth II v1.05 English
Adaugat: 25.Septembriet.2006

Fixed TheodenSwordMounted Pre Attack Delay Typo • Fixed SauronFiresOfDoom, WildFortressBatCloud and IsengardFortressMurderOfC rows Weapons Pre- Attack Type Typos • Lorien Archer Unit type now properly set as Archer Class • Knight Banner, Warg Rider Banner and Spider Rider Banner Unit types now properly set as Cavalry •

Marimea: 25.2 MB
Age of Empires 3 v1.09 English Patch
Adaugat: 25.Septembriet.2006

Dupa fiecare joc se va acorda jucatorilor experienta ca bonus.

Marimea: 17 MB
Richard Burns Rally RSRBR III Patch
Adaugat: 25.Septembriet.2006

Include peste 90 de masini, si toate cursele in toate modurile disponibile.

Marimea: 677 MB
Company of Heroes v1.2 Patch
Adaugat: 25.Septembriet.2006

Various connection problems fixed SLI performance bug fixed Fixed exploit with Allied HMG Crew's Armor Piercing Rounds ability, where ability would remain active after squad was garrisoned or retreated back to HQ Fixed Axis wrecked building exploit Various crashes fixed

Marimea: 8.4 MB
Joint Task Force v1.1 Patch
Adaugat: 25.Septembriet.2006

FIXES Includes fixes to random errors, improved mission load times, driver updates and other updates. See Readme.txt for a complete list of changes. * NEW MAP - Bosnian Railway Station With lots of obstacles, this 6 player multiplayer map is difficult terrain for every commander.

Marimea: 191 MB
Glory of the Roman Empire v1.01 Patch
Adaugat: 25.Septembriet.2006

Update-ul include un nou mod de Free Build, si numeroase imbunatatiri.

Marimea: 14.9 MB
Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords v1.31 Patch
Adaugat: 25.Septembriet.2006

Actualizarea rezolva o multime de bug-uri, incluzand si problema minimap-ului.

Marimea: 41.6 MB
Heroes of Might and Magic V v1.3 EU Patch
Adaugat: 25.Septembriet.2006

Adauga un editor de harti, si alte cateva imbunatatiri aduse jocului.

Marimea: 50 MB
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines v2.9 Unofficial Patch
Adaugat: 20.Septembriet.2006

Renamed new blade to 'Replica Katana' and made Trip sell crossbows. Tseng will offer the SPAS directly and the flaming crossbow later. Made Larry's quest independent of buying and fixed briefcase scene.

Marimea: 111 MB
Patch-uri din Luna August
Prey v1.1 Patch

Imbunatateste jocul multyplayer, si rezolva problemele de blocare a jocului.

Marimea: 22 MB
FEAR v1.07 US Patch

Rezolva mai multe erori din joc sia duce multe imbunatatiri.

Marimea: 38.9 MB
Age of Empires 3 v1.08 English Patch

Quick Search now allows players to determine the Home City tier and Power Rating level of their opponents Power Ratings will now decay over time.

Marimea: 16.7 MB
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter v1.20 Patch

Rezolva mai multe probleme care cauzau serverul de multyplayer sa se blocheze.

Marimea: 130 MB
FEAR v1.06 Updated Patch

Acest patch rezolva problema cu jocurile salvate innainte de versiunea 1.05.

Marimea: 21 MB
Titan Quest v1.08 Patch

Patch-ul remediaza mai multe probleme tehnice printre care si blocarea jocului cand se folosea teleportarea, si mai multe bug-uri.

Marimea: 5.28 MB
World of Warcraft Patch 1.11.1

Acesta este un mini patch care rezolva unele probleme din patchul anterior, pentru instalare este nevoie de versiunea 1.11

Marimea: 3 MB
Heroes of Might and Magic V v1.1 EU Patch

MP does not start if the player states differ - " error" message does not appear after a win in a rating game - Random cities use name and description from map - Profile screen fixes (experience, alignment) - Haven: stables message is back, other messages fixed - Profile screen: random race games now shown correctly

Marimea: 51 MB
Call of Duty 2 v1.3 Patch

Rezolva mai multe probleme legate de jocul original.

Marimea: 37.38 MB


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